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I have been working in the IT industry since 1986, and have worked for many large coporate companies such as Microsoft and Xerox to small dot com startups, holding many positions from hardware design to operating system development.

I have been an early doctorate of Microsoft's .net development platform, which enabled me to write object orientated web applications. This led me to write the hugely popular website iMadeItLast.com. I still write .net to this day, however as technology has evolved, I also write alot of client side javascript.

As more smartphones and tablets become available, the requirement for websites to look good and usable on small factor is now paramount. When using a website on a desktop computer or on a smartphone, the experience should be exactly the same.

Simply having a good design is not enough, I believe that now is the time where we can have the best of both worlds.

Engaging front end interfaces based on clean design
with robust, scalable architecture.



Started playing the trumpet when I was nine, and followed classical training to my ABRSM grade 8 when I was fourteen. I then started attending National Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Paul Eshelby.

I decided not to attend music college, but instead follow my passion in computers which at that time was in its infancy. I carried on playing setting up my own six piece jazz band playing modern jazz tunes from Miles Davis to Paul Desmond.

After a period of rest from music, I attended a weekend with Steve Waterman's residential jazz course, which reignited my passion for music.

I now play regularly in two local big bands taking features and solos, and local musical shows.

I also teach within the area with an emphasis towards improvising and playing with a lyrical voice.


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